Thursday, 26 November 2015

Autumn / Winter Fashion 2015

A/W Fashion Trends of 2015/16
by The Little Elm Tree

1. Faux Fur Fashion

Keep warm and look classy through the cold months in faux fur. Layer over a warm coat or long sleeved rib jumper, there's plenty of ways to hit this top trend this autumn. 

2. The Pom Pom

These cute, balls of fluff are appearing on everything this season. I'm loving the shoes and they come in various styles including heels, flats and platforms. 

The Colour Palette 

These are the season's colours to use as a guideline whilst you're shopping for wardrobe essentials.

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Some of the best high street shops I'd recommend to try would be:

Topshop -

New Look -

River Island -

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